The Solo5 Unikernel




The kernel should run on any x86_64 hypervisor that uses virtio devices. At this point, we have run it on QEMU/KVM and VirtualBox. Output is through the serial port. 

 うん、VirtIO のみ対応だけど十分。時間あるときに読んでみようっと。

ooc » The ooc programming language


About から引用

ooc was born out of the desire to write cross-platform applications with a concise, yet clear syntax, and to produce native binaries rather than relying on a downloadable runtime.

It’s a general-purpose, language with a source-to-source compiler (to C99), and a portable SDK, readily available bindings for quite a few C libraries, a flexible module system, testing facilities and a set of utilities to make one’s life easier.


 ぶっちゃけて言えば、Lua とかに近いのかな。糊付け言語的な立ち位置だと理解しておく

Memory management in various languages


Javascript についても言及している。

Ruby がないのが残念。